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Eye Lashes

Are you tired of applying mascara everyday then having to wash off the mess at night? Do you wish you had longer lashes or more voluminous lashes? At Loma Spa, our eyelash specialists can give you the length and fullness in your lashes you've always desired. Eyelash extensions are 100% safe and you can still perform daily activities, including working out, swimming, and showering without affecting the lash extensions. Check out our eyelash photo gallery!



Lash Consultation

Lash Removal

Classic Lashes

Perfect for clients who have plenty of natural lashes, who want a natural to medium eyelash effect, and/or younger clients with few gaps in their lash line! 

Classic Eyelash Set

Classic Eyelash Refills 2 weeks

Classic Eyelash Refills 3 weeks




Hybrid Lashes

Combination of Classic lashes and Volume lashes to give you the lashes you've always wanted! While classic lashes add moderate to extreme length to your natural lashes, volume lash extensions are used to improve their texture, depth, and ampleness. Get the best of both natural and dramatic lashes with hybrid lashes. 

Hybrid Eyelash Set

Hybrid Eyelash Refills 2 weeks

Hybrid Eyelash Refills 3 weeks




Volume Lashes

Best for clients who are happy with the length of their natural lashes but desire more fullness! Volume lash extensions are designed to fill in the gaps of your lash line where classic eyelash extensions could not. 

Volume Eyelash Set

Volume Eyelash Refills 2 weeks

Volume Eyelash Refills 3 weeks




Mega Volume Lashes

Perfect for clients who have lighter lashes and want a fuller, more dramatic look. The mega volume lash set consists of eight to nine lash extensions on one natural lash. Due to their lightweight nature, volume lashes allow for more customization than classic eyelash extensions.




Mega Volume Eyelash Set

Mega Volume Eyelash Refills 2 weeks

Mega Volume Eyelash Refills 3 weeks

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